Awareness-Based Methods for Social Change

Theory U is an "awareness-based" method for leading social change. You might be wondering what, exactly, that means.

A method, of course, is a procedure for accomplishing something. In this case, the something is a shift in the level of awareness (or consciousness) from which individuals or groups operate when they take action. So an awareness-based method for change is a procedure or process for learning how to pay attention in new and deeper ways.

The growing interest in inner leadership work for individuals is profoundly important in the world today – and is work I support through my coaching practice.

And yet, if we look at the major social and environmental challenges of our generation, personal transformation alone is not enough. To respond humanely to climate change and migration, or make meaningful progress toward reducing inequality, we need to learn how to shift the collective awareness that larger groups, organizations, and social systems operate from. 

I’ve been fortunate for the past seven years to work alongside one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on subject of profound change in social systems, MIT Senior Lecturer and Presencing Institute co-founder Otto Scharmer. Otto’s work on Theory U is pioneering in this field, and is published in the books Theory U and Leading From the Emerging Future.

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