MITx u.laB: Leading From The Emerging Future

u.lab is a course offered on that has sparked a global innovation eco-system that exists both online and offline. Originally launched in January 2015, u.lab has been offered five times and has reached over 130,000 people from 183 countries. Over 600 self-organized hubs have formed around the world, where participants apply the u.lab methodology to an issue or challenge that matters locally.

u.lab is offered through edX annually from September-December.

Roles: Co-creator, strategist, designer, facilitator, digital content producer. 


The Societal transformation lab 

Whereas u.lab helps individuals deepen their listening and communication skills, clarify their change intention and connect with others, the Societal Transformation Lab (in partnership with HuffPost’s This New World initiative) is a global initiative launched in January 2019 in which 300 teams from 35 countries simultaneously tackle social challenges using collective systems mapping and design processes. The Lab includes focused support for transformation initiatives centered around climate change, youth-let movement building and private and public sector organization.

Roles: Co-creator, strategist, designer, facilitator, digital content producer. 


Global Wellbeing Lab

The Global Wellbeing Lab is an action-learning platform, co-founded by the GIZ Global Leadership Academy (Germany), the Presencing Institute and the Gross National Happiness Centre (Bhutan) to advance new ways of generating and measuring wellbeing at multiple levels in society. 

Role: Learning Historian (Writing, Photography)