MITx u.laB: Leading From The Emerging Future

u.lab is series of courses offered on that has sparked a global innovation eco-system that exists both online and offline. Originally launched in January 2015, u.lab has been offered four times and has reached over 100,000 people from 183 countries. Over 600 self-organized hubs have formed around the world, where participants apply the u.lab methodology to an issue or challenge that matters locally.

There are currently two offerings available on edX: a self-paced introduction to Theory U that can be completed in under two hours, and a globally facilitated course that runs annually from September-December.

Role for both courses: Co-creator, facilitator, writer, producer, learning architect. 



The Presencing Institute (PI) and HuffPost are working together to inspire real-world action toward building a new economy in key sectors and societies around the world by showcasing under-reported stories and unpacking the principles and practices that make change happen.

We believe it’s not enough to address the environmental, social, or spiritual crisis-symptoms that are well-known in the world today. It’s also important to shift the structural goals of the current economic system (such as moving beyond GDP as a measure of success). Even beyond structural shifts, what’s truly needed is a shift in the underlying mindsets, or put another way, the level of awareness or consciousness that stakeholders in our economies operate from.

Roles: Co-creator, web platform strategist, facilitator, multi-media content producer for Presencing Institute. 


Global Wellbeing Lab

The Global Wellbeing Lab is an action-learning platform, co-founded by the GIZ Global Leadership Academy (Germany), the Presencing Institute and the Gross National Happiness Centre (Bhutan) to advance new ways of generating and measuring wellbeing at multiple levels in society. 

Role: Learning Historian (Writing, Photography)