Celebrating and Looking Ahead

Today, with immense gratitude and appreciation to the Presencing Institute, I’d like to publicly share some big news. After holding many roles in PI over the past seven years — most notably, co-creating and facilitating u.lab — this cycle of my work is coming to a close. As of this week, I’ll be moving on from current roles at the Presencing Institute and looking forward to the next big opportunity in my life and work.

These past seven years have changed my world in immeasurable ways. With u.lab, we’ve had a global impact, reaching at least 130k change makers in 185 countries. u.lab has been used to reinvent government in Scotland, address organizational challenges in India, envision the Global Challenges Program at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, and even launch a community fridge in London. It continues to reach far beyond what we even know. Personally, I’ve developed skills that I never imagined would be needed in the world, but now seem crucial for supporting and leading any meaningful change work at scale. 

To my PI colleagues: the relationships we have built mean so much to me and will, no doubt, endure. And to Otto Scharmer in particular — for our friendship, collaboration, and the vision you hold for profound societal change: a deep bow of gratitude.

As I write this, I don’t know exactly what’s next. I’m looking for visionary companies (or teams / bold initiatives within companies), organizations or networks seeking to reinvent themselves or the social systems in which they operate to better serve the real needs of people and the planet. I bring expertise in 21st century learning and innovation methods; experience establishing, designing and delivering systems reinvention labs at scale; creative and strategic visioning capabilities; leadership coaching; and I’m also a storyteller (writing, video). 

If there is a role out there that combines all of these capacities in service of co-creating better futures (re-aligning tech with actual societal needs, transforming the future of learning, the future of cities, etc.), I’d love to know about it. If you have friends or colleagues who might want to chat with me, I’d love an introduction. More detail about my work is available in other sections of my website. 

With deep appreciation for my journey with the Presencing Institute, and excitement about the path ahead.